Who ARE You?

Hi. I’m Blair. And I’m a project-a-holic.

If you’re ok with messy and in love with hope, I think you’ll like it here.

I have a degree in commercial+residential interior design. Buuuut — plot twist! — my career making hotels awesome got cut short by the birth of baby boys. Two. (Why so many?!) Now I chase small maniacs, wipe butts, and (very euphemistically) call myself a “writer”.

For the next few… forevers… I’m drawing on my ole design skills to renovate a new house DIY style (cause it’s cheaper). It’s usually chaotic. If you have mercy goggles, you’re welcome. If you expect me to inspire you with my flawlessness… there are other corners of the internets calling your name. But I hope you stay. ‘Cause I like you already. Truth.


Dear Friend… Serious business time… I have a few promises I need to make to you:

I promise not to be that lady who is like, “DIY is so easy and renovations are for everyone and money isn’t an issue!”

I promise not to be that person who makes you feel bad about your house with pretty pictures that I pretend aren’t staged. Lies… all lies.

I promise that, Yes, yes there ARE heaps of laundry on the other side of the camera!

I promise not to pretend like I paint the walls with a manicure and never scuff my nails.

I promise not to forgot to mention freezer meals, greasy hair, and a frightful lack of vacuuming prowess.

I promise this is real life, people.

It’s fun. It’s a mess. It’s beautiful in its chaos. There will be tears. And laughing. But we are building a story here! If you are ok with being a Story People instead of a Stunning People, then, we’re already like best buds. 😉


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