Do Not Grow Weary

It’s amazing how life experience can illuminate the truth…

You felt forced to believe one thing for so long. It was so crippling. And then finally something inside you popped like a tendon forced at a funny angle. It felt crippling because it WAS crippling. Not quite right. Not quite true. Pop! Then release from the pressure. Suddenly it’s like everything around you is speaking a new language. Same words. New message. What was a chain is now a set of wings into freedom and hope.

This happened to me today with this little verse: “Let us not grow weary in doing good.”


I always took it to mean, “When you’re doing good things, you have to knuckle down and force yourself not to get burned out!”

Today it hit me like a breath of fresh air…

“Let us not grow weary…”
Just… let’s not.
Let’s not go there.
“Let us not grow weary in doing good.”

Don’t do good things until you’re blue in the face.
Don’t do great things until you’re so tired you could cry.
Don’t force your own hand to the good plow until it bleeds.
Don’t become weary…


Because, “…at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we don’t give up.”

Oh yeah. Duh. Right. We LITERALLY cannot force the harvest.

No amount of brow sweat and palm blisters and wailing at the heavens can make the rain come… the sun shine… the seasons shift like ancient mill stones revolving in the palm of the universe to bring life out of broken seeds.

We can work ourselves to the bone, fretting over every little thing… muscling out the perfect garden. And then a tsunami wipes it out.

Or we can work in a quiet, steady, balanced way. Giving what we have. Portioning out for the harvest the right measure of our dedication tempered with trust. And then? Well, we don’t know “What Then” do we? We don’t know what the fruit of the harvest will be. It’s a bit beyond our absolute control.

The outcome is always organic.
Whenever Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God it was in organic metaphors. Farming. Fishing. Seeds. Sheep. BUT… no matter what the end is, no matter the harvest… we won’t be miserable ass hats burned out, washed up, run ragged. We will be calm and happy people, resting in the Sovereignty of God like a pillow on which we can lay our heads.

Just…. Don’t become weary in the middle of doing good things. Don’t do that. Staaahp it! When you feel that back aching, bone numbing, brain hurting, head heavying coming, take your own hand very gently and lead yourself back toward the light. This light: That a good harvest has been promised at the right time. And that’s a promise you can rest in.


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