A Thrill of Hope: Advent Reflections for Mom Life – DAY 1

The church marks time through the year by retelling episodes from the life of Jesus. The new year starts with Advent: a 4 week season leading up to Christmas. Our year starts with anticipation. Four weeks of anticipation. For four weeks we feel the ache of longing mixed with the glee of certain joy to come. We experience the coexisting realities of the Already (Christ came) and the Not Yet (Christ will come again). This is Advent. A season ripe for reflection. For new beginnings.

So here’s my plan:
I want to write one reflection/story/thought a day during this season. I want to translate Advent through the lens of the motherhood experience and make something you can use along your own Advent way. Just a little discipline for me. Just a little tool for you. Cause I love you. Win/win. I could leave it in my notebooks… but life is for living together. Even when it’s messy. Even when it’s imperfect. Especially when it’s embarrassing.

So. Ok. That’s the goal! There you have it.


I’m calling this personal challenge, “A Thrill of Hope”… because, if I’m honest, I’m in a bit of a drought of Hope these days. My whole self aches to be Lit Up by real hope. I ache to be thrilled.

Mom life can be a long train of ridiculous and unpredictable abuses. Those little abuses can pile up and weigh us down. I think the tonic for our battered hearts is Hope. A light. A coming brightness. A Not Yet. A steady emerging of joy.

So, I promise this for the next 30 days: I’ll walk my tired little spirit toward Hope. I’ll share what I see along the way. And hopefully, together, we’ll find the light growing within.

Oh, and I’ll try to tell funny stories. What’s more hopeful than that?



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