Styling is My Super Power

I wanted to show you a little magic trick tonight…

Don’t scroll down yet.

Ok! First image… this is my bathroom. All of it. Lots of choices. Lots of budget conscious winnowing. It’s pretty good. It has character. It has style. But somehow it falls a HAIR short of MAGAZINE EPIC TASTIC. It’s still a little… mmmm… how can we say this… flat? Oddly vanilla even though the details aren’t vanilla? It’s good… but it doesn’t have POP. It’s nice. It just isn’t wildly inspiring.

With me? Ok. Maybe not. But… now scroll down to the next image….




Now it’s talking! Now it’s really saying something! Now it’s telling you who it is!

This, my friends, is the power of styling. STYLING! Woo!

You need amazing design for bones. Every choice matters. But don’t stop there!! Then you need amazing styling on top. Like sprinkles.

That’s the magic sauce that brings it all to life. And who cares how nice the design is if it doesn’t have LIFE.

I could also style these bones TOTALLY differently and get a 100% different vibe. (That’s why I chose a strong neutral base. Because it can go so many different ways over the years.) I would show off this magical power of mine with another image, but it’s late. Netflix and a glass of summery “Lancer” Portuguese Rose are calling my name. (Highly recommend. Find at World Market. $7.oo)

**Cheers dears!!**



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