Black and White Are Colors. Duh.

Every design decision you make impacts the next decision you make. It all ripples out to the rest of the project. It’s all fun and games (and budget) when you’re making early decisions. Later decisions are a little more tricky.

My giant twinkly gold chandelier was an early decision. Remember her?


Now I’m picking lighting and hardware for the adjacent kitchen.

I feel like I could go several different directions. Brass? Black (or oil rubbed bronze)? or White/Stainless?

What do you prefer?


I think brass is probably my favorite… but it’s definitely “a look”… you either love it and get it, or you think I’m a weirdo with half my brain still stuck in the 1970s. Which would probably be true.


My grandmother always said, “Every room needs a little bit of black in it or it isn’t finished.” She would probably go this way. It’s safe and probably the most timeless. Although. If I’m honest… I feel like it might be a little bit severe.


Definitely the most mod option. This vibe is a little cooler/colder in my opinion. It might be a bit too slick for my texture and textile heavy house. But… I can see it. Can you?

OK WWJD? and… you. What would you do?



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