Styling is My Super Power

I wanted to show you a little magic trick tonight…

Don’t scroll down yet.

Ok! First image… this is my bathroom. All of it. Lots of choices. Lots of budget conscious winnowing. It’s pretty good. It has character. It has style. But somehow it falls a HAIR short of MAGAZINE EPIC TASTIC. It’s still a little… mmmm… how can we say this… flat? Oddly vanilla even though the details aren’t vanilla? It’s good… but it doesn’t have POP. It’s nice. It just isn’t wildly inspiring.

With me? Ok. Maybe not. But… now scroll down to the next image….




Now it’s talking! Now it’s really saying something! Now it’s telling you who it is!

This, my friends, is the power of styling. STYLING! Woo!

You need amazing design for bones. Every choice matters. But don’t stop there!! Then you need amazing styling on top. Like sprinkles.

That’s the magic sauce that brings it all to life. And who cares how nice the design is if it doesn’t have LIFE.

I could also style these bones TOTALLY differently and get a 100% different vibe. (That’s why I chose a strong neutral base. Because it can go so many different ways over the years.) I would show off this magical power of mine with another image, but it’s late. Netflix and a glass of summery “Lancer” Portuguese Rose are calling my name. (Highly recommend. Find at World Market. $7.oo)

**Cheers dears!!**



Bam! Boucherouite: Current Obsession

Boucherouite rugs are like the traditional American Rag Rug… but on crack. And who doesn’t love a rag rug on crack?! Feast your eyes. You’re welcome. Happy Hump Day!


I’m on a quest to find the PERFECT Boucherouite Rug for the KawaCasa. I’m obsessed. It’s the perfect dose of wild BoHo texture to play off the glam neutral background of my hard surfaces.

I’m dreaming about a long one in the bathroom that will run the full length of the bathroom. All that color on top of the black and white tile?! YAAAAS. And another one in the kitchen??? Ok that’s maybe too much. I’ll probably have to choose.

All rugs in this image were from Beklina, Etsy, and Ebay.

Black and White Are Colors. Duh.

Every design decision you make impacts the next decision you make. It all ripples out to the rest of the project. It’s all fun and games (and budget) when you’re making early decisions. Later decisions are a little more tricky.

My giant twinkly gold chandelier was an early decision. Remember her?


Now I’m picking lighting and hardware for the adjacent kitchen.

I feel like I could go several different directions. Brass? Black (or oil rubbed bronze)? or White/Stainless?

What do you prefer?


I think brass is probably my favorite… but it’s definitely “a look”… you either love it and get it, or you think I’m a weirdo with half my brain still stuck in the 1970s. Which would probably be true.


My grandmother always said, “Every room needs a little bit of black in it or it isn’t finished.” She would probably go this way. It’s safe and probably the most timeless. Although. If I’m honest… I feel like it might be a little bit severe.


Definitely the most mod option. This vibe is a little cooler/colder in my opinion. It might be a bit too slick for my texture and textile heavy house. But… I can see it. Can you?

OK WWJD? and… you. What would you do?


Process: It’s a Peach

If you thought I had given up on this project…. you were almost right.

We’ve been pushing with a vengeance to get this project done. Um, but you would not believe how long EVERY THANG takes. Every last living thing. And yet… the work is starting to show.


Two thirds of the shower… done. (Which means I have to buy a faucet. Oh geez. Brass, stainless, or black? Cast your ballots in the comments.)

The last wall will be completed today thanks to that gorgeous and very handy silver fox. Love you, mom.

And absolutely NO THANKS to this mischievous trouble maker. Love you, O-Money.


One project that started simple and turned into a horrific edition of, “HGTV never tells the truth about DIY projects” was the kitchen cabinets. We painted them… and then 50 year old oil paint below caused everything to bubble and peel. Yes. Yes it did.

I spent a week peeling up layers of paint by hand. Long, glorious bacon-y strips of paint. It was very therapeutic. But finally I gave up and got the paint stripper. Come on chemicals!

This is what paint stripper does to cabinet doors… and skin…


Approximately eleventy-million hours later, the doors, drawers, and boxes are all scraped down to their original base. Low and behold they are BEAUTIFUL clear cut pine panels without any joinery (aka, the whole door is a large slab of wood cut from a huge tree with no knots). You will not find something like this today at your average Home Depot.


So we’re embracing what we’ve got! I’m going to apply a matte clear varnish to seal in the “weathered white washed” look of the stripped paint and we’re going to enjoy the beautiful swirls of pine grain for years to come.

My motto is always “Consume less. Keep more.” Sometimes that (plus a little/lot of elbow grease) really pays off and gives you something super unique.

Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Oh… and more hardware choices to be made!!!!!

Brass? Black? Crystal? Leather? Stainless? Hmmmmm… More on that later.

Moving right along.

In other news, we have an offer on our current house and we’ve signed the contract. If inspection goes well, we will be closing very soon. Holy moly. We have to seriously bust it to get this project finished now. Bless our poor little hearts.

Pray. Pray, people. Ok bye.