The Emerald City

Don’t get me wrong… I love color. But I think it should live in a cool restrained background. And I think it should be done in big, bold, blocky chunks. That’s just my style.

(Side note: My current house does not well reflect this style… because everything came out of some distant relative’s garage for free. Because #marriedyoung and #poor. But now I have a chance to bring that style to life!)

Until now there’s been a lot of neutral up in here recently.

But…. let’s consider that a base coat.

Now, very carefully, I’m beginning to lay down some color.

And I’m starting in the laundry room!!! (Because I believe in making small forgettable spaces into big moments. And big living spaces into quiet, calming vistas.)

I’m loving a lushy, regal emerald. A storied mermaid green that looks expensive and old all at once.

Layered glossy emerald on a light utilitarian warm grey base. Always, always, always off-set by stark neutral choices.


^^ This was one of my original inspiration images for the entire house. I’m glad that I’m getting some of this crazy lushness and boldness into the decor… but I’m also glad it’s going to be hiding in the back… because I have commitment issues.

Making this come to life is still MAJORLY in progress… But it’s coming along.

I can’t give you much here… just this sneak peak…


This picture is a HORRIBLE reflection of the true color.


What. Happened?!?!?! This is… no. Not that.

I took the photo at night with lots of crazy incandescent light bulbs making things weirdo. The true color is much less teal blue and much more glossy layered EMERALD.

No really. I swear.

I tried editing the photo to be more color-true… but the edits aren’t uploading? Whatever. Technology. Moving on.

FUNNY STORY: My father-in-law was visiting last weekend and we had this awesome conversation:

FIL: “What are you planning to work on tomorrow at the house?”

Me: “I’m going to finish painting the built-ins in the laundry room.”

FIL: “Oh good. You’re going to finish painting over that green?”

Me: “Uuuum…. No. I picked the green. On purpose. That was me.”

FIL: “O__O…… *awkward silence*”

So just in case you’re with my FIL and think that this choice is THAAAWOOOORSTEEEVVVAAAAR…. here’s a photograph of what it looked like BEFORE.


Charming, no?

Even though, technically, this horrible peach pink is the Pantone Color of the Year…

But I’m going to go with… Emerald is better. The end.



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