White Out

Benjamine Moore “Decorator’s White”

That’s what we ended up going with. And it’s going to be perfect. I had some serious doubts after purchasing… there was more laying in bed staring at the ceiling and thinking “Oh God, what have I done?!” (You know. The important choices in life…. like which white! His eye is on the sparrow and my paint choices?)

It’s hard to capture a white in a photo without some contrast… but it was pink before…


Not even a bad pink. I rather liked it…


But then the white. You can vaguely see that it is ever so slightly darker than the ceiling white… which actually makes it appear brighter. Don’t ask me why. It works.


It’s important to hire good help.

You should only trust a very good man to tie your shoe laces together while you’re on top of a ladder holding a cup of liquid latex.


Like I said… it’s hard to depict a great white in a picture without contrast…. but this is a great white. I highly recommend. Not too cold. Not too warm. Not too bright. Not too tinted. Love.

Next up… EMERALD!!! I kid you not.


One thought on “White Out

  1. Sarah says:

    going to come back to all of this when picking out paint colors for our house at the end of the summer. Free place to stay and food in Williamsburg if you want to come help hehe 😉


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