I did a thing.

That’s right! Some of you said YEA! and some say Nah. Ultimately…


There she is, folks. So large and fluffy and twinkly. Sprinkling little bits of real gold leaf dust wherever she gets shoved out of the way of impending construction.

Her oversized bulk and whimsical glint has earned her the lovingly humorous label “Thumbelina”… or “Big Bertha” depending on the mood.

AAH! Commitments!!!!! Scary.

I didn’t sleep a WINK the whole night after I made this purchase. Not because I was worried about the dollars (it was very affordable)… but because I thought, “Shoot! Now every other decision has to balance and match and play off this one BIG decision.” EEEP!!!

With every choice you make, the scope of your other choices narrows. With this chandelier, I can’t just use any old table. The table has to work. AND be affordable. So the puzzle pieces get more complicated.

…But despite my minor freak out, a week later I found an amazing, sleek, modern lined, solid wood dining room table in a style I love for SOoooooooooooo cheeeeeaaaaap…… so that made me feel better.

More on that later.

Drop by soon for pictures of Thumbelina’s table.


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