Help! Sparkle Decisions

Decision time…

Special sale. Time crunch. Friend in town. Blah blah blah. Anyway… I have to decide NOW if I want to spring for this chandelier in my dining space… Help!

Here it is:



Glowing Grove Chandelier… originally $1300 from Anthropologie… but I have “connections”…. so needless to say I’m not paying nearly that much.

<<<<EDITED TO ADD, the price tag I would be paying is around $250.>>>>

Aaaaand…. it’s huge. Really big. See the picture below for scale. Holy moly.

Our-Historic-Wonderland-Inspo-1L.jpg (here)

And my dining room is smallish. Roughly 10′ x 10′.

But I like things that are disproportionately awesome. Statement!! Something has to be unbalanced (in the direction of COOLNESS) in your house, or things feel too “builder grade”.

Here’s a rough To Scale sketch (with a David sized shadow and a Blair sized shadow) to show what it will look like in the space. (The space is open on three sides though… so it’s not going to feel cramped).


The details are just so WONDERLANDY! Crystal flowers and golden leaves… magic.

So, I was going to ask you whether or not I should buy it… but I think I made up my mind already. I think this guy needs to come to my house.

But there is still time…

If I’m making a huge mistake… tell me! Speak now or forever hold your peace!

Or is it “piece?”

Whatever. The kids are begging to go to Target. (Target? Ok. I mean. If we have to.)

xoxo. KawaMama


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