Light vs. Dark – The Battle Rages

A battle between Light and Darkness has been raging in my house.

Shall the bedroom be dark grey or bright white?

D-Money is on the side of the light. I’m championing the dark side. (Which is so appropriate for us, right?)

I mean… look… look at the dark smokey grey!! Look at it!! Who wouldn’t want to sleep in the warm embrace of a rich smooshy shadow?


Unless of course you can sleep in a blooming pinky wonderland!!!!! See below and droll a little bit with me… go on… if there is even the tiniest shred of a little girl in you, you like this!


But I’m 99.873% sure this is not going to fly in a home where I am the only gal. So… back to the grey vs. white debate…

May I just add…. I almost never lose an argument when it comes to color.


P.S. That’s Benjamine Moore “Gravel Grey” and I love it.

But I’m conceding this one. We’re going white, people. We are going white.


Ok maybe not that white. Maybe more like…

After much deliberation, I chose Benjamin Moore “Decorator’s White” (which made me feel kind of lame, I won’t even lie to you)….

Sometimes white feels like a NON-DECORATING choice. Like… come on… you couldn’t commit to a color?! But there’s a theory behind all this. #1 The main living spaces of the house are grey. So… grey in the living zones, fresh white in the sleeping. It’s a balance. Kind of a reverse logic balance… which satisfies the dark side in me.

And #2… I forgot what #2 was going to be. #3 Where else could you possibly keep white clean except in the master bedroom?! With small children! White is like the most luxurious thing you can possibly risk. Risky white. Very sexy. 😉

Oh I remember what #2 was!…. I love layers of texture and African batik. I brought some of all of this back from Kenya and Tanzania when I was there… and now it all lives on my bed (don’t worry, you’ll get to see it soon). With all that color and pattern on the bed, a white background is a great frame for the picture.

So. White.

We’re putting it on the walls today. Eeeeep. As long as I don’t hate it, I’ll edit and add pictures.

And that’s all I have time for today… you can only type so many things with a baby in your lap. Did I mention I’m still breastfeeding this little hooligan? He’s too cute to wean.

See you soon with more white photos and updates…. I think I’m going to reveal my mood boards and material lists next. Ooo ahh.

Stay classy.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5 & 6)

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