Coffee. Chaos. Chandeliers!

I woke up this morning after 3 long days of work… and there is only coffee. It is the only goal, the only joy, the only substance. I now understand what that Idolatry thing was we were talking about in Sunday School. I have to worship at the altar. Coffee. Coffee and trying not to squish 3 year olds who want to tell me how to live my life. YOU DON’T OWN ME TINY 3 YEAR OLD! (Oh, ok, you sort of do. BUT NOT BEFORE I DRINK MY COFFEE!!!)

Let’s talk about chandeliers.

‘Cause… twinkly!




(Spoiler alert ^ that’s my favorite. Buuuut… apparently I have very spendy taste because this bad boy is almost $2000. There may be a serious D-I-Myself project in my future?? Ugh.)

The chandelier is going to be a very BIG moment in this house.

Uhmeeean, when is a chandelier not a big moment, you ask?

True, true. But in the new house, the dining room is located at the center axis of the entire home. It’s the very, very visible heart of everything. Homegirl just don’t wanna look janky.

Nerd moment: The house is actually cruciform. [The floor plan is shaped like a cross. Think ‘Cathedral’ architecture.] The dining room is located at the heart of the intersection of the cross. If it were a Cathedral, the dining room is where you might received the Eucharist. Which seems like a great place to receive our daily bread, to me!

Ok, moving on!

Since the chandelier will be directly visible from EVERY public space of the house… I want to invest in the RIGHT thing. For months I’ve been snatching up loose dollars and hiding them in a pot… in a secret location 😉 😉 . (Sorry David. That’s where your pocket change has been running off to.) I’m saving up for the perfect thing!


This is a Design Crisis of very large proportions por moi!!

Is it a modern, fresh cottage thing?

It is a high glam twinkle situation?



I’m rather partial to Hollywood Regency and anything Kelly Wearstler… but I’m not sure that the style factor of the whole house supports this level of pure and unvarnished luxe.

So, on the other hand I love this laid back, sparse-but-warm look. Brass. Buhraaaass!

But in design, Sparse is usually ‘Spensive.

P.S. Not to get off topic, but… if you have like, thousands of extra useless dollars laying around and want to get rid of any of them… I mean… my chandelier budget and I will take them. For the team. We don’t mind. 

Do I have some favorites? Yes. Yes I do. But… I’m not committed. I need to start getting COMMITTED because I’m about to have to commit some monies to this venture.

(Don’t make me link all these! Please don’t. Ugh. They’re like a bazillion dollars anyway. If you can afford these and you’re reading this blog, you’re weird. Hire Kelly Wearstler.)

(1. Brass, 2. Black web thing, 3. Beads, 4. Anemone, 5. Murano Looking Guy, 6. MY LIIIFE)

That’s all I have for today.

All out of coffee. All out of gas. And Oliver just decorating the entire living room with a roll of toilet paper. I didn’t have the heart to stop him. (Ok, I’m lying. I didn’t have the energy.)

My kids are sitting in a cardboard box eating popcorn right now. This feels like such a parenting win.

Tell me your favorites. Tell me how to afford them. Ok bye.



3 thoughts on “Coffee. Chaos. Chandeliers!

  1. Brooke Schermerhorn says:

    Come visit me in Augusta and we can go to Final Cut and pick out something epic from Urban Outfitters or Anthropology for minimal monies! Oor I can just go and bombard you with dozens of pictures 😀


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