Parenting Through A Reno: Or “HAHA SUCKER!”

If you want to do a renovation with kids (which you probably don’t, if you know what’s good for you) you should believe deeply in TV and fast food. And if you don’t… prepare yourself. It is about to become a significant part of your religion.

Lots of TV.

Lots of fast food.


And you should NOT believe in a clean home base house (where ever you’re living while you reno). Just… forget about it. Now. Clean is an Eden you will return to only after you have passed through the fiery trials of Reno Land and lived to tell about it.


Since chaos is inevitable (and it is. I promise), you might as well embrace it!

Netflix will become your nanny.

Chick-fil-A will be your personal chef.

The mess will grow and grow as you slather all your free time on the Project House… until the clutter embraces you like a warm hug. It will say, “Welcome home, Champ! I’ve been waiting for you. Put your feet up… somewhere. Maybe on this stack of unopened mail? Take a seat! Anywhere you can squeeze that hard-workin’, paint-splattered, hot little construction worker behind of yours. Yes, yes you can sit on the laundry pile. Because you earned that right. You’re a boss.”

You might as well go ahead and give yourself a Guilt Free Pass for all these things.

It’ll be fun! You’ll say to guests, “Oh, pardon the mess, we’re renovating a new house!” And their eyes will get large with respect instead of horror. It’ll be kind of like a vacation… except, you’ll be working your butt off. But, you’ll have street cred AND you’ll get to skip daily sweeping.

I call that a win+win.




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