Before, Or, #What Have I Done?

“Pardon Our Progress”

I’m not even sure we should talk about how VERY “Beforey” our Before is. It makes me want to hide my head under a pillow and pray for forgiveness to the Reno Fairy.


The builders of the house took special care to install very stylish, top quality EVERYTHING…. back in the 1970s.

The whole kitchen is army lemony/greenish beige and red. And paneling.


Our toilet is the color of moss with an embroidered toilet lid. Yes. Embroidered.

The wallpaper is so dated, it might be cool if it was sold at Urban Outfitters.


But the house has GREAT bones. High quality terrazzo flooring (a very expensive Italian finish of pulverized marble laid in a fine cement). Solid wood cabinetry. Heart pine construction. Expensive built ins and a wonderful layout.

It’s spacious and airy and full of light. At least it will be once we get all the orange paint, weird bulk heads, and low ceilings out of the way. And paneling. Did I mention paneling? ALL THE PANELING.


The scary thing is… once you rip out all the dated cabinetry, pull down the paneling, sand off the puke-lavender oil paint, and patch all the nail holes…. everything looks WORSE!

Much worse.

You drag yourself home at the end of a long work day thinking, Holy Jehosephat Batman, what the heck have I gotten myself into?!



That’s the stage I’m in right now.

Just… YIKES!

But I know it’s going to be magical when it’s done. Because I have PLANZZZZ!!!!! Plans bay-beeee!!! And determination. And Moxi.

More on those glammy plans soon, my dear little Kawa-Casa-ites! Stick around. And, you know, hey, comment when you can. Be a pal. 😉 Love yah.


8 thoughts on “Before, Or, #What Have I Done?

  1. Debra Denney says:

    Your very own Fixer Upper! I love seeing the before and am looking forward to the afters. It’s going to be great!! The getting there is always messy. Sounds kind of like life in general! Keep up the work, it’s going to be worth it in the end.


  2. Jessica Friesen says:

    Absolutely love your writing. Pulling me right in. Thank you for sharing your journey. I can’t wait to see the Planzzzzz in action.


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